Pregnant lady crafting

So I’m 6 months pregnant. Apart from the uncomfortable sleeping positions and the fact that I haven’t had a decent cup of coffee or glass of wine in HALF A YEAR, it does bring with it certain advantages, as a crafter. Like the joy and headache of a whole new room to decorate. I’ll be posting pictures of the new room as soon as it’s done. The walls are painted, although the paint swatch showed a soft, subdued dove gray with a hint of lavender. After painting the room, however, it came out close to baby blue. So blue that my dad asked, “aren’t you expecting a girl?”  So I’m going to have to work around it, or at least tie a ribbon around the poor child’s head to at least make her resemble a girl as she blossoms in her blue room…

Not that I can really choose a style, again, it’s the ADD in me. I may see a picture of a whimsical vintage baby room and love it, but then be seduced by a bright, sunny room with green and yellow monsters. In the meantime I’m hunting high and low for a pretty mobile, I want something out of the ordinary.

Like this, maybe? It looks lovely. Maybe it will look great in my blue room. Lovely tutorial found here at ECAB



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