Online shopping heaven!

Make no mistake, I love living in South Africa. Despite many of its problems, for most of my fellow countrymen (country people?), being South African is the underlying thread that solidifies our makeup. Probably because we don’t really fit in anywhere else, we’re not completely at home in the streamlined developed world, but we’re not deep dark Africa either.Always nice to visit, but always great to be home.

But I digress. One of the downsides to living here, however, is the limitations of online shopping. I constantly feel like a kid with my nose pressed up against the candy shop window, all the goodies teasing and taunting me, with no way to get it. A lot of sites flat out don’t ship internationally. Some do, but only to major markets. And the few that arent afraid of shipping to the bottom of the world, often charge shipping fees that are larger than the project cost. So I’m left window shopping my way around the shopfronts of beautiful things available to others.

Until now.

Most of you will know Kamersvol Geskenke as that gift market that grew from a Christmas craft market to a design spectacular that wows us every year, in Somerset West and in Johannesburg. I’m a big fan. And now I’m so pleased to see they have an online shop! Yay! Shopping in rand! Here are a few snippets of what’s available in this lovely shop.





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