Crochet Pendant

So Christmas is looming and my family is huge. And between waterproofing the roof and paying for the broken dishwasher, we’re broke. So when it comes to presents, I have to be a bit thrifty this year.

As much as I love the act of crocheting, I must admit I have a love-hate relationship with the craft. Because there are some pretty fugly crochet creations out there, know what I mean? (I collect them for a kick on one of my Pinterest boards) As it turns out, I think crochet is lovely for granny squares, amigurumi and little else.

But there is an old Afrikaans saying Nood leer bid, (“when in a pickle, one prays”, ie you turn creative) and hence I came up with these wire pendants to give as gifts to all my sisters-in-law.


I love them, if I have to say so myself. Budget AND time friendly too, since the wire is 20c (that’s South African cents, so less than 2 US cents) per metre, and you can make it in 30 minutes, if there are no kids nagging for water/to go pee/demanding snacks.

The pattern is adapted from Rosehip, a pattern I’ve had since 2007 but I worked only two layers of petals instead of three. I hope the sisters-in-law don’t read this, because they are wrapped and waiting for the stockings….



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