Little girl room – done!

It took the best of three years, but I think I’m kinda done with Karlien’s room. For now anyway. It’s still not an architectural wonder, but you can do a lot on almost three years’ worth of Saturdays…


The bed we inherited when we bought the house – it was embouia in what I call coffin brown, so that was tarted up a bit with white paint. I also made the granny square blanket, pillowcase and bunny. The lovely artwork is actually a vinyl decal from the talented Heather Moore of Skinny Laminx, I bought it at a Christmas market yonks ago. And would you believe I picked up that nightstand for a mere R350 at an auction? I discovered auctions, man, but that’s a story for another day.


The final addition was this bunny rabbit I knit, pattern from Sarie Kreatief. It knit up quite quickly, I was done in about a week’s worth of evenings in front of the TV. I didn’t want to buy new yarn, so the dress was done with bits of leftover cotton yarn from Vinnis Colours, but luckily I found a button in the same colour so it pulled it all together.


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