I’m accident prone when it comes to cellphones, and that is putting it mildly. In 2014, between my kids and I, we managed to wreck three phones. Smashing one in a car door, dropping one in a toilet, we’ve done it all. So commercial slick phone covers aren’t cutting it for me. I need padding because that sucker needs to bounce when it hits the floor.


I crocheted this cover, there really is no pattern, but for what it’s worth, a chain of nine, done with a 4 mm hook was big enough for my Samsung S5 Mini (chosen, by the way, because you get a free screen replacement for the duration of the contract).


Just keep going with single crochet stitches and do three SC in the beginning and end chains respectively, to create the curve, and then just keep going until you are at your desired height.

And there you go. I added a felt star, cut with a cookie cutter as a template, for a bit of Scandinavian inspiration. Had I worked neater stitches it would have felt all crisp and Scandinavian, but now it’s a bit messy. Like me. But it matches the cover I did for my external hard drive. Also because I drop these like they’re c0ins.


Have a Merry Christmas, being in South Africa we’re celebrating a summer Christmas and we’re off to the beach for a bit! May it be blessed and peaceful.


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