A Foxy Nursery

One of the best parts of being pregnant is planning the nursery. We never had a lot of space (or money), but I nevertheless had such fun playing around with ideas. Kids are expensive and in our case, once the reality of the costs of a cot/pram/nappies/daycare/gynae visits set in, we had little money for decor. Fortunately you don’t need much. A nice looking bed with a few homemade soft toys and maybe vinyl art on the wall goes a long way. Also, it helps if you don’t go too baby-ish, to have the look last long into toddlerhood.

If I were to have another boy, I think I may do a fox theme.


Sources: 1. Vinyl art 2. Crochet cushion 3. Good lookin’ cot with soft toy 4. Wall art 5. Crochet pattern 6. Cushion

I’m not a baby pink/baby blue kinda gal, but a colour scheme like this one from Design Seeds might work well. Maybe not so much with the bright blues, but a bit more peacock purply grey.

kingfisher hues


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