Cross-stitch monogram cushions


It took me quite a while to finish up this project, cross stitch always takes longer than you think it will… I love cross stitch but I don’t necessarily like Aida fabric for large projects. This was my compromise, to do it on linen with a fairly defined thread count. 


As you can see I started with marking out a grid on the fabric with tailor’s chalk, but between cats napping on it and kids spilling juice, it faded and I ended up first counting the threads instead, and later just eyeballing it. I love how precise it looks on the photograph, because it’s not, trust me.

I found the pattern for the monograms in a Creative Threads magazine published years ago and therefore can’t give you a pattern, but I suggest you visit Free Patterns Online for similar charts.




4 thoughts on “Cross-stitch monogram cushions

  1. This looks great! Have you tried the dissolvable adia fabrics? You put them on top of linen then when you are done they dissolve and you are left with very neat work on linen.

      1. I’m not sure where abouts you are but if you type ‘dmc soluble cross stitch’ into Google you should get a load of places. I know amazon sell it as do hobby craft and sewandso. But it depends where you want to buy it from. I’ve only ever seen the dmc 14count version but I’ve never looked that hard. Hope this helps.

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