Vertical garden in the making

Moving into a house previously owned by a elderly lady has it advantages. You find a lot of remnants from the old days, some gems, some not so much. (Read: pink bathrooms, olive coloured carpets.) In the garden there isn’t really much sign of design (snappy term that, a sign of design) but what there is, is one mother of a succulent collection. As with most things on this beloved, challenging property, it was bought a good couple of decades ago and not given attention again. Countless cacti have literally climbed out of their plastic pots and taken over parts of the garden. And since I really like the concept of vertical gardening, hence my new project. It’s relatively easy, which I like, it’s free, which I really like, but it takes patience, which I don’t have a lot of.


The box is also a remnant of days gone by, we broke it out of the store room where it was mounted against the wall as storage, with all sorts of tools suspended from it with nails. I filled the box with a mixture of compost and soil from the garden, since succulents are really easy to grow, even I can’t kill them that easily. I separated all the little baby plants from the parents, which gave me a lot to work with.


I’ve tried vertical gardening before and it’s always a problem keeping the soil in when the garden is still young and the roots not settled yet. To combat this, I nailed a sheet of chicken wire to the box, to cover the soil. Then I cut holes in the sheet for the plants and tucked the wire around them. I’m not even halfway, but for now, this is what it looks like. All the holes will have to be filled in and then it must be left for a good few months for the roots to set. My neighbour’s suggestion is to raise it just a bit every few days, so that by the time it’s vertical and ready to hang on the wall, the plants are happy too. Sounds like a good idea to me.


And hopefully I’ll end up with a garden resembling the picture that was my inspiration for the whole thing. Fingers crossed.

vertical garden



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